Give a new life to your objects with our "2ndLife I Vintage" service. Whether it's a delicate vase, fine crystal glasses, or an entire tableware set, Objets de table offers a thoughtful online sales platform focused on circular consumption with an eco-conscious approach. Beyond just saving money, our clients aspire to shift their consumption habits towards sustainability and become part of an eco-responsible community.

How does the "2ndLIFE" service work?

  1. Simply email us at with photos of the objects you wish to sell, along with any relevant details such as brand, origin, and purchase date. Feel free to include additional information like invoices. If you have a preferred price in mind, let us know; otherwise, we will provide you with a proposal/estimate.

  2. Within 15 days, Objets de Table will respond to confirm whether your objects meet our standards and if we consider them part of our 2ndLife or vintage products. Please be aware that we reserve the right to decline objects that do not correspond to our image.

  3. Upon validation, either ship or bring the objects to our specified address for photography and authentication. Subsequently, they will be showcased on our 2ndLIFE or VINTAGE website, depending on their category.

  4. Once sold, you will promptly receive a credit note for the full amount on our website.

Can I resell any type of item?

We welcome all table-related items, including candlesticks and vases, regardless of their style or era, as long as they are handcrafted and in excellent to good condition, considering their age. 

How much will I receive?

The value will be credited to your Objets de Table account as soon as the objects will be sold on our website.

You will receive a code enabling you to use the credited amount on our website. Alternatively, you can explore our diverse catalog and place orders by emailing us at We are delighted to assist and offer you guidance throughout the process.


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